A Number of New features for Google Assistant from Google

A Number of New features for Google Assistant from Google in latest update though Not all functions are immediately available.

New features for Google Assistant: The Google Assistant gets a number of new functions from Google. Not all functions are immediately available. We’ll walk you through the new options in this post.

New features for Google Assistant

For example, owners of an iPhone or iPad from now on find their device faster via the voice assistant. This was already partially possible, but it became difficult when the device was in silent mode or did not have a direct connection to the internet. That is about to change.

If you indicate on your iPhone or iPad that you do want to receive critical notifications, and that you want to find the devices with notifications from the Google Assistant, you can bypass the restrictions that were there before. You can also set a specific ringtone when you search for the phone or tablet. That tune will also play when the silent mode is active.

Google uses the so-called critical alert setting for this. That setting can actually only be used by other companies if Apple gives permission for it. Once you’ve given your Google Nest Hub or smart speaker access, you can ask the voice assistant to find your phone.

To be able to use this, you have to have certain settings right. In this support document you see how you arrange all that.

You will also have access to more options regarding routines in the future. For example, you can activate or deactivate devices and services when the sun sets or rises.

The Google Assistant can also help you enter address and payment information, so that you can place an order somewhere faster when you try to buy something, such as food, via Google Search. The latter functionality is not coming to the Netherlands anyway, it seems.