Google Assistant for Arlo Video Doorbell – Arlo also has support for Google Assistant

Google Assistant for Arlo Video Doorbell- Arlo announced that its door bells will support Google Assistants from now.
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Google Assistant for Arlo Video Doorbell: The Arlo Video Doorbell now also has support for Google Assistant. Arlo’s video doorbell should be released in Europe later this year.

Google Assistant for Arlo Video Doorbell

In October , Arlo launched the first in-house video doorbell discussed in this article. A release for Europe was planned for the beginning of 2020, but to date this model has not yet officially appeared here. However, Arlo is working hard to add new features, as the video doorbell now also has support for Google.

Arlo’s first video doorbell has a 1: 1 aspect ratio with a 180 degree field of view. The Arlo Doorbell shows images in HD image quality, has two-way communication and can be connected to an existing mechanical or digital chime for continuous power supply. Motion detection is also included, along with night vision and a three-month free trial on the Arlo Smart subscription. Amazon Alexa is also supported, but the Google is now added.

In the United States, the video doorbell has been available for a while for $ 150, but this model has not been officially released in Europe yet. That will have to be done later this year. You can already import the Arlo Video Doorbell, but this model is not officially sold in the Netherlands yet. Since we mainly work with the Dutch-speaking Google Assistant here in the Netherlands and not with the English or German-speaking Amazon Alexa, it is good to know that we can also enjoy this support here at launch.