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Google Assistant added Family Notes and more options in recent changes

Google Assistant added Family Notes: In recent changes google introduced family notes to google assistant with other changes.
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The changes for the Google Assistant are intended for smart displays, such as the Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max. A number of old and new functions come together in a new section on the smart screen called the family tab. Among them one is, Google Assistant added Family Notes.

The first new addition is Family Notes, which allows you to leave short messages for family members on the screen on the well-known yellow sticky leaves. You place such a note on the home screen of a smart screen, so that the next person using the device can read the message.

You will also find the recently introduced calling function. With that function you can set all kinds of reminders. Because of corona we are all at home now often and we can sometimes forget something. The calling function helps to perform tasks or to take a break. You can set that yourself. The function can now count on a minor update. For example, more sound effects and call suggestions are now available. Google says that there will also be a kind of pause function, with which you can stop all reminders for a day at once. Because of course you are not at work every day.

The Google Assistant also gets some educational and entertainment parts, intended for younger users. Such features are usually only rolled out to areas where the English-speaking version of the Assistant prevails, so we are unlikely to see those parts here anytime soon. But young users can ask the voice assistant what things they can learn together with the family. They can also ask for interactive stories, where storytelling is combined with elements on that smart screen.

Another new function is to request the location of family members. For example, you can now ask where your family is or ask about the location of a specific family member and the Google Assistant will show the location where they are at that moment or where they last appeared. You do need a family account for this, everyone must be over 13 and everyone must have their location turned on for this. The new capabilities will be rolled out before the end of the year. Here in the Netherlands we probably only get the first two functions.

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