Google announces Pixel Buds Pro with a price of 219 euros

Google announces Pixel Buds Pro are expected from July 28 and will be priced at 219 euros and will be available in three sizes.

According to Google, the Google Pixel Buds Pro should be the pinnacle of in-ears, thanks in part to a six-core audio chip on which algorithms for active noise reduction and other elements run. The in-ears think along with the user, including the Volume EQ function, which optimizes the equalizer based on the volume at which you are listening. Google also promises to add spatial audio later this year, only available in combination with Pixel smartphones. In addition, the in-ears have a bluetooth multipoint, with which they can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.



Another clever idea, according to Google, is in various sensors that measure the pressure on the ear canal and can relieve this pressure. The Silent Seal function was created to further optimize noise reduction. The control of the Google Pixel Buds Pro takes place via touch-sensitive sides of the earplugs. This allows music to be controlled directly and functions such as noise reduction can be switched on or off. Of course, the Google Assistant is also present for voice control. The battery life of the Pixel Buds Pro is according to Google seven hours with active noise cancellation and eleven hours without.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are expected from July 28 and will be priced at 219 euros. Google supplies three different sizes of silicone eartips as standard. In addition, you can choose from a black, blue, green and red variant. Unfortunately, it must be said that there is a good chance that these in-ears will not officially come to the Netherlands, just like the Pixel smartphones. There is a chance that you can buy them via gray import.