Google announces Android P changes for Android TV

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Google announced the plans for Android TV at Google I / O, the company’s annual developer conference. The platform for media players and televisions, and today also soundbars, gets a special Android P update.

Android TV gets update to Android P

Besides Android P for smartphones and tablets you can update also expect for televisions and media players. Google has announced what we can expect from the platform during the Google I / O, the annual conference for developers. For example, the system must work better on devices that do not have powerful hardware. This way Android TV can be rolled out to more devices, for example also cheaper televisions or set-top boxes.

In addition, the installation process will be streamlined. So it will soon be easier to transfer your account from smartphone to TV, by means of a notification. When using iOS or the web for the installation process, the browser sign-in will also be made more accessible. In addition, the TV or box will present itself a number of settings and it is up to you to agree or not. Discovering new apps also becomes very important. In addition, data is automatically entered via Autofill.

Furthermore, Google has announced that there are now more than one hundred hardware partners and that in the future you can expect more Android TV products, including Android P. Moreover, the application ecosystem is also growing more and more and now there are more than 3,600 apps to download for the platform.