Goldmund Telos 1800 Mono Power Amplifier 

Goldmund Telos 1800 Mono Power Amplifier launched. he Telos 1800 reaches its zenith with a maximum power output of 420 Wrms at 8 Ω and 1% THD, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience


Meticulously crafted by Goldmund’s team of skilled engineers, the Telos 1800 is designed to cater to the most demanding audiophiles and sound enthusiasts. Its technical specifications redefine the clarity, power, and precision standards in high-end audio equipment. The Telos 1800 reaches its zenith with a maximum output power of 420 Wrms at 8 Ω and 1% THD, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience.


An output noise level of less than 3 μV across the entire audio range ensures a pristine audio signal, even in the quietest moments.

With surprisingly low distortion, the Telos 1800 achieves a THD+N of less than 0.05% at 30Vrms output, ensuring every note resonates with crystal clarity.

With 35 dB gain, 110 dB dynamic range, and 600 damping factor at 1 kHz into 8 Ω, the Telos 1800 creates an immersive listening experience that transcends the limits of conventional audio technology.



In addition to its exceptional performance, the Telos 1800 mono power amplifier has been designed like a jewel box. It is available in traditional Goldmund silver grey, adding a touch of elegance to any audio setup. Additionally, customers can customize their Telos 1800 with two options for the top left front ring: gold or silver gray, allowing for seamless amplifier integration into any aesthetic preference.

Noteworthy improvements adorn the new product line and underscore its commitment to precision mechanics. With an improved and thicker panel structure, assembly and handling becomes an experience. Spanning a 12mm profile (previously 6 to 8mm), these improvements stiffen the amplifier case, improving the mechanical grounding and vibration dispersion capabilities of the Telos 1800. And embodying the brand’s dedication to incomparable quality and craftsmanship



The Telos 1800 mono power amplifier is not simply an audio device; is a work of art, meticulously designed to elevate the listening experience to unprecedented heights. Its fusion of technical brilliance, ergonomic design and exceptional performance redefines the essence of audio amplification. Available for purchase through its authorized distributors worldwide.