Gold Note CD-10 High-Performance CD Player

Launching Gold Note CD-10 High-Performance CD Player- The CD-10 is a fantastic addition to Gold Note Series 10 electronics.

The CD-10 is a fantastic addition to Gold Note Series 10 electronics. It is a modern CD player designed as a compact, high-end system to bring the magic of music to your living room.

The new CD player is the perfect digital source to rediscover your CD library; it will make you fall in love with your favorite artists again. Choose your CD, load it, sit down, press play, close your eyes, breathe, and let the music fill the space around you until it reaches your heart.

Each disc will reveal nuances you’ve never experienced, giving you all the joy and pleasure of authentic, high-quality listening. This is the ultimate expression of sound reproduction, and with the CD-10, we have created a great little masterpiece that will keep you entertained and playing music for hours on end.

As a modern digital source, the CD-10 can be easily controlled from the ultra-clear touch screen, rotary knob, or multi-function remote control. With digital inputs and outputs, it is also extremely versatile.

The precision CD mechanism is designed for high-performance audio and extracts every bit of information from the disc to create a pure digital signal stream precisely. This powers the premium D/A converter, the AKM AK4493, the preferred Gold Note design from the leading Japanese manufacturer for its unrivaled quality.

The transmission is converted into an analog signal with incredible musicality and organic richness. It avoids distortion while preserving its entire dynamic range to deliver a sound that is as detailed and lifelike as possible.

Every component, from the mechanical chassis to the electronic circuitry, has been carefully chosen and tested for the best sound quality, reducing background noise to a minimum so you can enjoy the subtlest of drops.

The CD-10 can be upgraded by adding the PSU-10 EVO, the external power supply that will further improve the player’s performance and enable even finer details, powerful sound, and refined presentation.