Galaxy S21 leak shows smartphone design, cameras and colors

Series of Galaxy S21 leak shows a lot of details are confirmed early about upcoming Galaxy S21, S21 + and the S21 Ultra.
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Galaxy S21 leak  : Information has again been leaked about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 line. The editors of Android Police has promotional material in the hands of the three smartphones, so a lot of details are confirmed early.

Galaxy S21 leak shows a lot

In the promotional material we see both the S21, S21 + and the S21 Ultra. If we start with the first two devices, the color of the smartphones immediately stands out. That color is still called Phantom Violet. As a contrast, Samsung has given the camera module a light bronze color, which makes the devices look unique at first glance. Also, it seems that Samsung maintains the same matte texture that we saw before with the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 FE phones. The S20 FE has a plastic casing by the way, and it is expected that Samsung will use the same casing for the base model of the Galaxy S21. The S21 + will probably have a glass back, but that is not certain.

For both the S21 and S21 +, the devices have a holepunch camera in the middle of the screen. That screen is completely flat and therefore has no curved edges. It is not quite visible, but the screen edges nevertheless seem to be quite thin. Furthermore, it seems that Samsung intends to use the same camera module as last year. The three sensors have twelve megapixels (main camera), another twelve megapixels (ultrawide) and 64 megapixels (telephoto lens).

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra clearly has a mirroring effect, which makes the idea that this device has a glass back anyway. This model should also be given a matte finish. In addition, it is clearly visible that the screen edges do continue here, just as is the case with the Note 20 Ultra.

In terms of camera module, we can expect a higher-end experience. For example, there is a 108 megapixel sensor, a twelve megapixel sensor (ultrawide), a ten megapixel sensor (up to three times optical zoom) and a ten megapixel sensor (for ten times optical zoom). In addition, this model gets the same laser autofocus system as on the Note 20 Ultra. The devices are said to be presented on January 14 and the devices will be released on January 29.