The future of Destiny 2 will be announced next week

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future of Destiny 2 : Bungie will hold an important livestream next week Tuesday 5 June to discuss the second year of Destiny 2. The developer will then take the time to tell you what you can expect in terms of content, including the expansion planned for September This year

As soon as this expansion appears, the second year for the game will start immediately. The livestream starts at 18:00 on Tuesday evening and Bungie himself has the following to tell about this stream:

“We have some big ideas for how we’re going to transform your Guardian lifestyle and reinforce your hobby as an interplanetary hero . We’ll tell you all about it, and we’ll live it! ”

The stream will feature some development leads that will go over the goals they have with Year 2, and” explore deeper into new territory. ”

“We’ll respond to a bunch of community feedback and unveil some other things you have not even been looking forward to … yet. We’ll top it all off with a new roadmap with exciting new promises for everyone. “

So big plans. Of course we will report all announcements about Destiny 2 on 5 June, if you can not save the live stream yourself.