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Future Android smartphones will receive longer support

Google announced that thanks to Project Treble, Android smartphones with more support and updates is possible.
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Android smartphones with more support and updates

Google has announced that Android smartphones with at least the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 offer onboard support for three major operating system upgrades and four years of security updates. That means many smartphones get access to an extra year of support, provided manufacturers do their share of the work, of course.

This is a result that has emerged from Project Treble. Treble makes it easier for manufacturers to release Android upgrades because the system is divided into pieces. As a result, upgrades can be rolled out faster than is previously the case, and we notice that at Samsung, Sony and OnePlus, among others. On the other hand, that change has made it more difficult for chip manufacturers. Their chips now suddenly have to support multiple generations of software, which is not always taken into account during development.

That is why Google has started working closely with Qualcomm in the past year to ensure that everything is properly arranged even down to chip level. This makes work easier for Qualcomm, which means that chips can also be maintained for longer. What that means for consumers is that all Qualcomm chipsets, from the Snapdragon 888, can handle three major Android upgrades and up to four years of security updates. Phones that appear in 2021 can therefore count on a total of four years of support.

Unfortunately, in many cases you are not dependent on Google (or Qualcomm) when it comes to updates for your phone. Manufacturers still have to do their share of the work and make updates available. Today’s news guarantees that those companies are capable of doing this, but unfortunately it does not guarantee that it will actually happen. Samsung, Sony, OnePlus and other smartphone manufacturers must decide to extend support this far. It would be a sensible step in the context of sustainability.

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