FPS Boost for Xbox Series X and S

FPS Boost for Xbox series X and S as Some games (like Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky's Tale,) can count on doubling the number of frames per second.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are already capable of improving the performance of backward compatible games. And the new FPS Boost for Xbox goes a step further. Older games therefore run even better on the new hardware – and developers don’t have to do anything for that.

Xbox Series X and S get FPS Boost

Some games can count on doubling the number of frames per second. Microsoft also says that some games are even quadrupled. The first batch of games to support FPS Boost are Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2.

The boost differs per game, by the way. For example, New Super Lucky’s Tale suddenly has 120 fps (frames per second), while UFC 4 gets 60 fps (on the Xbox Series S, that is specifically mentioned).

Games that support FPS Boost are given an extra label, as is now the case when Auto HDR is activated. When you open the Xbox menu with the Xbox button on your controller, you will see Auto HDR on the left when you are playing an old game. If FPS Boost is supported, then that new label will be below it, in the same menu.

Microsoft also says that this is just the beginning. More titles that support FPS Boost will be announced in the future. When the new dashboard update comes out, sometime in the spring, you will also have more control over the various possibilities that the Xbox Series X and Series S.

For example, you can switch off Auto HDR and the FPS Boost when you prefer, for example. Not only do you ensure a more pleasant image for your eyes (if you do not like the new functions), you can also see very quickly what impact those functionalities have on your old games.

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