Four new wireless sports headphones of Philips announced

Four new wireless sports headphones of Philips has been announced that include Philips A7306, Philips A6606, Philips A4216 and Philips A3206
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Four new wireless sports headphones of Philips: Philips Sound will launch four new wireless sports headphones in the first half of 2021. The new sports series must excel in particular in exceptional fit, comfort, durability and high-quality sound.

Four new wireless sports headphones of Philips

Philips A7306

The first announced model of the new sports headphone series is the Philips A7306. These are sporty wireless in-ears where comfort and a personal fit are of paramount importance. You can choose from three different wing tips and three detachable ear hooks to adjust the fit of this model to your liking.

These in-ears are equipped with 9mm drivers and passive noise canceling. There is also a built-in heart rate monitor that is compatible with most of the popular fitness apps of the moment. The Philips A7306 is waterproof, dust and sweat resistant and can be cleaned within 20 seconds by the automatic UV light cleaning function via the charging case.

Fifteen minutes of charging guarantees an hour of playtime. A fully charged battery lasts six hours and 18 hours from the charging case. Awareness mode pauses passive noise canceling to allow access to outside sounds. There is also voice support via Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

Philips A6606

The Philips A6606 uses Bone Conduction technology. Sound vibrations are transmitted to the ear via the cheekbones. According to Philips, users should enjoy quality audio performance in this way while leaving the ears free to hear background noise.

These sports headphones have a light titanium structure that would, for example, fit ideally under a bicycle helmet. Users can listen to music for nine hours on a full battery. A charging session of 15 minutes is sufficient for an hour of listening. The battery is fully charged in two hours. This model is also waterproof and dust and sweat resistant.

Philips A4216

The Philips A4216 are wireless on-ear headphones specially designed for sports and outdoor activities. The special cups on the ear provide passive noise cancellation. This model is equipped with 40mm drivers to provide detailed sound and deep bass.

For intensive sports sessions, this model is equipped with memory foam inserts with a special cooling money for extra comfort. The fabric pads are removable and easy to wash. A fully charged battery provides 25 hours of listening. The Philips A4216 is waterproof and dust and sweat resistant.

Philips A3206

The latest newly announced sports headphone model is the Philips A3206. These are sporty wireless ear buds. They are ultra-light earbuds that are water resistant and compatible with Google Assistant and Apple Siri. A fully charged battery provides a playback time of 10 hours. The fit can be adjusted as desired with exchangeable wing tips and ear hooks. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar and offers extra safety due to the reflective cable.

Price and availability of Four new wireless sports headphones of Philips

Prices of the new sports headphones are not yet known at this time. The four new sports headphones should be released in the second quarter of 2021.