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Fortnite update adds Playground mode and Dual Pistols

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The Playground mode has been discussed a lot on the internet and now it is so far. Today a new update has been released for Fortnite and it brings with it news.

First of all the new temporary Playground mode for Battle Royale. This mode is actually intended to build up a lot and to fight as little as possible. You can also play against your friends here and friendly fire is in this mode. Have you always wanted to play that 1 vs 1 match? Then now is your chance there. Respawnen is also possible here.

In addition, Battle Royale gets new weaponry, namely ‘Dual Pistols’. These guns are very powerful and do a lot of damage. They use – like the revolver – medium bullets as ammo type. You can find this weapon as an Epic or Legendary variant.

The last part of the Blockbuster event went live in Save the World. In this mode, the Builder Pro controller layout has now been implemented, which was in great demand from the community. The patch is quite extensive and we have not mentioned everything here, so be sure to read the patch notes for a while.

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