Fortnite 2 Season 5: New season details have revealed

New season of Fortnite 2 Season 5 'Zero point' has announced and will feature a small crossover with the series "The Mandalorian"

Epic series has announced the new sesson of its famous New season has been named “Zero point” and will feature a small crossover with the series “The Mandalorian”.


After the grand ending of season 4, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 named The Zero Point, which was broken by Marvel villain Galactus in the wind that ended Season 4. The story will be based on the different realities that were brought together by Ponto Zero, which also brought changes to the Epic Games Battle Royale map . The new Battle Pass will feature Mandalorian skins and other characters, in addition to the Baby Yoda bonus.

As in previous seasons, the Battle Pass will cost 950 V-Bucks for Fortnite 2 Season 5 too, around $9.50 for a quarterly subscription. Players also have the option to subscribe to the Fortnite Club , which will offer the Battle Pass and several other items. Remembering that Fortnite is available for download on PC , Playstation 4 (PS4) , Playstation 5 (PS5) , Xbox One , Xbox Series , Nintendo Switch , in addition to having mobile versions.

According to Epic Games, the new season will feature seven new hero skins from different realities. The one that draws the most attention is the Mandalorian skin, main protagonist of the Disney + series of the same name that takes place in the Star Wars universe. He can be released at Level 1 in the Battle Pass, but his armor will only be available after completing a series of quests. In addition to it, Baby Yoda will also be one of the Battle Pass bonuses and will be available at level 100.

The other characters are originals from the Fortnite universe. It will be possible to unlock Menace, considered the best gladiator in reality, Pancake, a grilled pancake, Mave, a barbarian metamorphic warrior, in addition to the skins of the characters Reese, Kondor and Lexa.

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