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Foldables for Galaxy Note: Samsung says goodbye to Galaxy Note series because of foldables

Foldables for Galaxy Note - It is rumored that Samsung is going to replace its Glaxy Note for upcoming Samsung foldable mobiles.
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It is rumored that Samsung is going to disconnect its iconic series Galaxy Note for foldables. Foldables are very hot topic in the mobile market and many companies are competing to cpme up with best foldable model.

Samsung is trading Galaxy Note for foldables – rumor

When Samsung first released the Galaxy Note in 2011, there was a lot to do with the large 5.3-inch screen and the fact that the phone came with a stylus. Since then, the Note has played an important role in the portfolio of the South Korean company, but that may change. According to the latest rumors, this is how the company says goodbye to the well-known series.

Reuters writes that Samsung has no plans for a Note that should appear in 2021. Premium smartphones have become increasingly expensive in recent years. That was all well and good, but 2020 threw a spanner in the works of the premium smartphone market. Apple, Google, OnePlus, Samsung itself and many more companies offer more than excellent options for cheaper smartphones. And in uncertain times it is not convenient to choose an expensive phone, so the choice quickly falls on the device from the middle or budget segment.

Then you can still such beautiful hardware have: if people don’t buy the phone, it will of course be of little use to you as a company. And instead of continuing to invest in a product line that makes little profit (at least, there is suspicion), the manufacturer is now reportedly choosing eggs for money.

However, this does not immediately mean the end of the S Pen, if the rumors are true. Other rumors report that the S Pen will later also work with, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and new foldable smartphones (foldables) from the company. The question is whether the stylus is standard included with those smartphones; opinions are still divided among the rumor mill.

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