Foldable smartphone from Honor under Magic brand?

Foldable smartphone from Honor? It is rumored that Honor, which is an independent company, is working on its own foldable smartphone.
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Rumor – Foldable smartphone from Honor under Magic brand – Recently Honor is completely on their own, as Huawei has sold the old youth branch. That means that the brand is now free to do whatever it wants. And it seems that the manufacturer is taking the space to produce a foldable smartphone.

Foldable smartphone from Honor?

The news comes from Weibo, a site best described as a Chinese version of Twitter (via Pocketnow). In addition to Oppo and Xiaomi, it therefore seems that we will soon be able to welcome another new brand to the new market. The foldable smartphone from the old Huawei branch should fall under the Magic brand name and should hit the market sometime in 2021.

What the foldable Honor smartphone will look like exactly is still unclear. In any case, the final product will face a tough battle. For example, Samsung is now working on successors to the Z Flip and Fold Phones, while also Huawei ready with a new model.

In addition, it seems that Samsung will deliver the screen of the upcoming foldable smartphone. The panel must also have Ultra Thin Glass (as on the Z Flip), which suggests that we are going to get a similar model. However, nothing has been confirmed at the moment.

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