Foldable iPhone arriving: Likely to be released in 2023

Foldable iPhone arriving:Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to present its foldable iPhone in 2023. The well-known analyst has made correct predictions about Apple’s plans in the past. The screen is said to grow to about 7.5 inches when you unfold it. Previously, the idea was that the screen would be the same size as that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That writes Macrumors.

Foldable iPhone arriving?

Apple seems to have been working behind the scenes for a while on such a foldable iPhone, but so far it has not been possible to find a suitable design. Meanwhile, competitors are doing quite well with their own foldable smartphones. Think of Samsung, Motorola, Royole and of course Huawei. Despite this, these are expensive phones that few people buy, and are intended more as products to demonstrate that the technology exists.

Kuo thinks the unfolded screen should be similar to the screen on an iPad Mini. Apple also now seems to be heading in the same direction as Samsung did right from the start. When you fold the device, it is a (somewhat thick) smartphone with a screen in front. Once unfolded you get access to the larger screen on the inside. It is not yet clear who will supply the screens; rumors point to a possible collaboration with both LG and Samsung.