Focal Sopra Nº2 Black Ostrea and Brown Concrete

FOCAL launches two new finishes for the Sopra N°2 loudspeakers: Black Ostrea and Brown Concrete

New exclusive finishes for the Sopra N°2 loudspeakers inspired by the 10th anniversary

Following the success of the Sopra N°2 loudspeaker created as a special edition for the 10th anniversary of the union of forces between the Focal and Naim brands, and with the experience gained in this type of exclusive finish, FOCAL has decided to launch a collection of new finishes for Sopra N°2 loudspeakers.

Sopra No. 2 Brown Concrete

The exclusive Brown Concrete inherits the design of the special edition finish created for the 10th anniversary of Focal and Naim: with a front panel, in this case in metallic bronze, and concrete side panels, which in this edition are in chocolate. This speaker blends seamlessly into any interior. It is a work of art that brings a modern look to any space.

Sopra No. 2 Black Ostrea

The new Black Ostrea is inspired by the pearly appearance of an oyster and reveals all its character because the iridescent finish extends on both sides. The concrete effect, inspired by the 10th anniversary loudspeakers, which gives these loudspeakers a very mineral character, is an extremely precise work carried out by expert operators who have ensured that each product is unique. This finish is the perfect complement to the contemporary home, because with the combination of concrete and metal touches it adds a sophisticated style to any interior.

SOPRA N°2 loudspeakers reveal the invisible

Sopra N°2 pushes the limits of reproduction in terms of sonic transparency in a compact box. Inheritor of the ultra high-end technologies of the Utopia III line, the most extraordinary loudspeakers conceived by Focal, this loudspeaker is equipped with the best midrange transducers ever developed by Focal, with NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) and TMD technologies. ® (Tuned Mass Damper). Compact, modern, pure design, character…: all these essential factors also combine to guarantee a perfect integration in your interior. Sopra N°2 adapts perfectly to rooms of up to 70 m² and has an infinite number of finishes to make it the center of any room.