Focal Clear Mg launched- High-Fidelity Over-Ear Headphones

Focal Clear Mg a High-Fidelity Over-Ear Headphones launched. Headphones are extraordinary sound performance with some refined designer finishes.

Focal Clear Mg to enjoy at home and outdoor

The Clear Mg headphones, a reference among Focal open headphones, offer a extraordinary sound performance with some refined designer finishes.

These high-end headphones, made in France, incorporate exclusive Focal technologies which are the result of advanced research in acoustics and Focal’s know-how. Your speakers have a novel magnesium membrane, a material that offers a fine, precise and impressive sound restitution whose realism is sensational.

The Clear Mg are also the singular elegance of the finish Chestnut and Mixed-Metals (chestnut and metal) associated with the total comfort of a headband of leather and some pads of microfiber. Supplied with two cables and a carrying case, these headphones satisfy the pleasure of listening to music in a quiet environment.

Fully released, its sound is of a great purity and awakens a range of emotions that magnifies the pleasure of listening.


The solid aluminum fork adapts perfectly to the face, and the leather and microfiber covered headband offers a constant curve with any head contour. Perforated microfiber ear cushions contribute to comfort and maximize the acoustic openness of the headphones. An opening to which the outer grille of the honeycomb-shaped cups also contributes.


After four years of research and development, Focal engineers have envisioned a magnesium dome for the Clear Mg speakers. Combined with the ‘M’ geometry of the dome, this material further enhances lightness, stiffness and damping, the three keys to a loudspeaker. An innovation that provides dynamics and details across the entire sound spectrum, while preserving neutrality and balance. The inner grille of the “M” shaped bowl follows the curves of the loudspeaker to optimize precision.


  • Rigid and woven carrying case in the colors of the headphones.
  • 2 OFC 24 AWG Low Resistivity Copper Wires:
  • – 1 1.2 m mini-jack cable with 6.35 mm jack adapter
  • – 1 XLR cable (4 poles) of 3 m
  • Optional: a stand to highlight the value of Clear Mg in your indoor spaces.

This new model completes the manufacturer’s Classic Range of Headphones. This Classic range is made up of:

  • 2 Closed Headphones: CELESTEE (€ 999) and STELLIA (€ 3000)
  • 2 Open Headphones: CLEAR MG (€ 1499) and UTOPIA BE (€ 4000)