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Five things a smart air purifier can do for you

This article will tell you Five things a smart air purifier can do for you

It’s quite a colossus in the house, an air purifier. As a result, it is not necessarily a gadget that you buy on the spec. In any case, it is an item that you often deliberately bring into your home. Not everyone sees the benefit of it, but a smart air purifier can do a lot for you mean.

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An air purifier often works by means of a HEPA filter. Such a filter can still filter out substances that are even 0.3 microns in size. There are also air purifiers with activated carbon filters to retain odors and variants that use UV light or electrostatic energy to kill all kinds of bacteria. If there is also an ionizer in it, then you have a very complete air purifier. To make it smart, one thing is missing, namely an app that allows you to control the device from a distance.

The advantage of an app is also that it can often give you insight into how the air in your home is. Some air purifiers compare this with the air quality in your town or city. There are examples that can indicate very specifically on the type of dust and air quality that it is lacking in your home. This makes a smart air purifier a good way to take steps towards clean air in the house, which is significantly healthier.

Fighting diseases

It is not for nothing that one of the advice in the corona time was to open the doors and windows as well: you get fresh air in the house and that means that viruses have less chance to stick. An air purifier can help fight diseases that travel through the air because it lives up to its name: it cleans the air. This means that diseases can spread less easily, because the air purifier acts as a kind of hurdle or threshold.

Preventing Allergic Reactions

People with an air purifier at home seem to be less likely to have an asthma attack. In addition, many substances are also filtered from the air, which can cause an allergic reaction. Even asbestos particles could be filtered out by an air filter, extending the life of your lungs. Especially people who are very sensitive to dust can benefit from an air purifier, because the air contains significantly fewer dust particles after it comes out of the purifier.

Make odors disappear

Anyone who has an air purifier in the house knows this: go to the other side of the room to fry an egg, spray deodorant or smoke (although, rather not), and your air purifier will kick on and suddenly go crazy. Even burning a candle is already an attack on the air in your room. If there is not such a fresh smell in your house, it will be filtered out faster by an air purifier. For example, also think of pets: the smell will of course never disappear completely, but it will be a lot less present thanks to the filtered air of your air purifier.

A better night’s sleep

Many people put an air purifier in the living room, but it can also serve well in the bedroom. Research has shown that an air purifier ensures a better night’s sleep. Of course you spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so you also benefit from clean air there. The air is cleaner, so you can breathe well and sleep better. Especially if there is a built-in ionizer in the air purifier, they ensure that the air remains clean. And the great thing about a smart copy is that you can turn it on from your bed.

Humidify the air

In addition to air purifiers, there are also models that immediately humidify the air, such as Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool. In the app you choose to humidify the air and you can set how humid it may be. A humidifier ensures that you do not get dry eyes or dry skin. In addition, good humidity is also important for plants and for wood, so they are less likely to die or crack. Well-humidified air ensures a better climate in the house and pets also benefit from this, for example, because they are less likely to experience problems with their airways. Just like yourself.

More information

Are you considering buying an air filter? Then take a good look at how much space you have for it, how much noise the air purifier makes and make sure your air purifier uses a HEPA filter. In general, they are quite economical devices, but if you are very keen on this, then that is certainly something to check when buying such a gadget. If you want to know more about air purifiers, we recommend that you visit our air purifier collection page.