Five hi-fi reviews that you should not miss

Finally, there is a remarkable pair of speakers that we also want to throw in this mix: the Kanta No. 2 of the French Focal, let's start with that right away.
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In the past few months, a number of reviews of interesting amplifiers, dacs and streamers have been published on our website. From brands such as Auralic, Mytek, Micromega and Lumin, the young Chinese brand that has fully focused on the development and construction of the better streamers. Finally, there is a remarkable pair of speakers that we also want to throw in this mix: the Kanta No. 2 of the French Focal, let’s start with that right away.

Focal Kanta No.2: caressing for the eye and the ear

The Kanta is a line of speakers that can immediately be recognized as being from Focal, with performance to match. For starters, these speakers offer an incredible amount of the ultimate Focal sound you can experience at Sopra and Utopia. And because Focal makes pronounced choices on the sound field (including a predilection for the middle area), when you listen to the Kantas you also discover a nice alternative to many other speakers that you encounter in your quest.

Add to that the design aspect and the many color options and you speak about a special speaker that integrates in all areas in your living room. They have plenty of character and we can only applaud that.

Auralic Polaris: more you do not need

The Chinese Auralic has already proven to be a master of streaming. With the Polaris the brand also shows a very modern view of the amplifier.

The versatility of the Polaris is undoubtedly a huge attraction of this device. The streaming part is very important, but deserves a bit more explanation. You will certainly find that in the review, but we already park the bold claim of Auralic that the device has no less than seventeen (17!) Entries. Creative counter work undoubtedly, but in the basis that figure is correct …

Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

The Brooklyn DAC+ of Mytek is not dac for purists who prefer as few parts as possible in their amplifiers and d / a-converters, because the youngest dac of the Americas is full of functions and possibilities, up to a phono preamp. In fact, there is very little that this device can not.

Micromega M-One M-150: French future

The M-One M-150 is an intriguing amplifier that tries very hard to do everything and to convey a unique identity. As an amplifier it succeeds perfectly, with a powerful, tight presentation and almost infinite power. The Micromega is only hindered by streaming functions and an app that is not yet fully developed, but that could be very different thanks to updates within a few weeks.

Lumin D2: the forefront of streamers

Streamers, devices that play music from a memory disk or the internet, come in all kinds, sizes and price ranges. The still young Chinese Lumin Music Systems is fully dedicated to the development and construction of the better streamers. On our test bench is the D2, the current entry level model of Lumin. We can conclude that Lumin does much more than imitate and assemble and plays a role in the forefront of the development of streamers.