First Xbox Series X update available with dynamic wallpapers

The first update of new console of Xbox series has announced and this Xbox X update offers you dynamic wallpapers.
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Download the Xbox Series X update

As of now, Microsoft has started rolling out a fresh update for the Xbox Series X, among others. The Xbox Series S and the Xbox One, One X and One S can also download the update. This is the first update that the American company is releasing for the next generation of game consoles, which includes extra dynamic backgrounds. Xbox One owners beware: these options only apply to people who own a Series X or Series S. One owners are therefore missing out.

In total it concerns six different dynamic backgrounds. There are now also backgrounds that give a big nod to the past of the console farmer. Each background can be set from the settings of the Xbox Series X or Series S. Microsoft also announced that it is working on even more options, styles and colors. They will be added in a later dashboard update.

This is not all that the November update presents. For example, the Series X and Series S also get a new tag that shows when a game uses the Auto HDR function. This function ensures that games without HDR support can still count on the wider color spectrum; all of that is handled by the console, taking the work out of the hands of developers. You will see the tag appear on screen when you open the Xbox menu while playing a game, just like you would see with Quick Resume.

Furthermore, it is unfortunately not clear whether Microsoft has made any performance improvements behind the scenes. In addition, the Quick Resume option has been working optimally for a while now, but it is unclear whether Microsoft has addressed these problems. It is now possible to install games from Game Pass that have not yet been released. This way you can play immediately on the day of release and you do not have to wait for the download first.

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