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First version of Android 12 launched for smartphones and televisions

First version of Android 12 launched for smartphones and televisions initially for Google own for Pixel smartphones along with televisions.

As of now, the developer version of Android 12 is available for Pixel smartphones. In addition, a preview for televisions has already been launched. The months-long process of testing the different versions of the operating system has thus started.

First version of Android 12 for smartphones …

This is the sixth year in a row that Google has decided to give the public a preview of what’s to come later this year. As in 2020, the public testing phase will start in February instead of March, giving developers more time to provide feedback and update their apps.

Android 12 has to do a lot of things differently. For example, notifications must be presented differently and display more information, you must be able to open them faster and the animations must look smoother.

In addition, it should become easier for users to transfer content from one app to another. It does not matter whether it concerns photos, videos or audio files. Content can be pasted from the clipboard or keyboard, otherwise you have to be able to drag that content. In addition, there is support for the .avif format, which means that high-quality images take up less space. Apps must also work with the hevc container, even when developers do not build in that support.

The haptic feedback can respond to sound, allowing you to trigger specific vibrations. Handy for video games, but also for people with a visual impairment.

Naturally, a lot of attention is paid to privacy and app compatibility. It is also the case that several parts of Android 12 via Google Play ( Project Mainline) can be updated. In the coming months we will undoubtedly hear a lot more about the smartphone version of Android. Meanwhile, news is pouring in about many new features, including the confirmation of the one-handed mode.

… And for TVs

Android 12 for televisions brings, among other things, the Google TV interface with him. Furthermore, it is unfortunately not yet clear what changes the TV version will bring about. Behind the scenes there is at least support for hevc, avif, multi-channel audio and several other tweaks. In addition, the update process must run much faster than before.

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