First major outage of Google Stadia fixed after 2 hours

In recent events, Google stadia and other Google products went down, however, outage of Google Stadia fixed after two hours.
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Google Stadia was out for two hours. It had to happen: Google Stadia suffered a major outage on Tuesday night, for the first time since its launch, so that many gamers could not access the games they purchased. The outage of Google Stadia fixed after two hours, according to a response from one Google-collaborator on Reddit.

outage of Google Stadia fixed

The dropout was especially noticeable for players in Great Britain and parts of Europe, including the Netherlands. Players from the United States have also reported having been affected by the outage. This is evident from data from the website DownDetector, where everyone can report when a certain service is down (similar to Allestoringen).

Players affected by the outage report that games on Google Stadia will not get past the loading screen. Sometimes it was also the game: one game wanted to start, while other games did not give home. An important title like Cyberpunk 2077, for example, did not work (while this is just about the only version that does not run into problems …).

Google quickly made itself heard in the aforementioned subreddit, asking players to leave some information so the team could investigate.

Hi everyone, thanks for your reports. The Stadia team is aware and actively investigating as we speak. I’ll keep you posted with the latest details. In the meantime, you can please answer the following questions:

– Where are you located?
– Which games are you trying to launch? Is it failing to launch some or all titles?

That response was updated from there with new information, so players knew exactly where they stood. In the past, Google Stadia has often suffered from short moments when the service was not available, but this was the first moment when the outages were so big. Everything should work again now. Such a game streaming service can have its advantages (no hassle with hardware or drivers), but also clear disadvantages.