Final launched headphones series of in-ear and over-ear

Final launched headphones series: Four in-ear headphones and three over-ear headphones models are at the start.

Final launched headphones series: The Japanese manufacturer Final is known worldwide for its headphone creations. The in-ear and over-ear headphones from the traditional manufacturer are now available in Europe. Four in-ear headphones and three over-ear headphones models are at the start.

Final launched headphones series

Final headphones: in-ears

The in-ears are divided into the flagship model Final A8000 and the slightly cheaper B-series, consisting of the models B1, B2 and B3 that look like a healthy vitamin mix. The models of the latter series differ in their driver equipment and sound coordination, which set slightly different accents within the target coordinates “spaciousness” and “clarity”. The Final B1 (699 euros) comes with a hybrid concept of dynamic and balanced armature drivers and – according to Audio Trade – “immediate, extremely realistic and direct” sound. The Final B2 (299 euros) is equipped with a full-range balanced armature driver and is particularly suitable for fans of spacious sound patterns in combination with high dynamics. And the Final B3 (499 euros) should deliver a particularly “clear and clean” sound with its dual-balanced armature configuration that does not require a crossover.

The four in-ear headphones from Final Audio

The top model Final A8000 (1,999 euros) has a dynamic broadband driver with a membrane made of pure beryllium without an underlying carrier layer – among other things, this should result in very high impulse fidelity, rigidity and lightness. The resonance-free suspension of the membrane and an elaborate four-chamber housing are also considered innovative.

Final headphones: over-ears

First of all, there are closed headphones Final Sonorous III for 399 euros – with dynamic 50 mm drivers including titanium membranes. The drivers each play in a special arrangement (Balanced Air Movement), whereby the air flows in the housing are controlled for optimally trouble-free operation. Audio Trade praises the deep bass and spaciousness with fatigue-free listening.

Final headphones at Audio Trade over-ear models

The three over-ear headphones models Final D8000, D8000 Pro (each open) and the closed Sonorous III

The top models listen to the names Final D8000 (3,499 euros) and Final D8000 Pro Edition (3,999 euros). These are magnetostats in an open design with precision housings made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy. The two models are tuned slightly differently, so the Final D8000 is particularly recommended for pop and rock, while the Final D8000 Pro Edition is aimed particularly at classical and jazz fans.

Accessories for Final headphones

In addition to headphones, Final also supplies accessories: These include silver-coated copper cables with symmetrical routing, but also cowhide leather cases or headphone stands.