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Fibaro Walli switches and sockets in anthracite color launched

Smarhome manufacturer Fibaro recently launched its Walli series Fibaro Walli switches and sockets which are available in many beautiful colors
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Fibaro Walli switches: The Fibaro Walli series launched in 2019 is now available in a new anthracite color. The products make it possible to replace switching material and sockets with smart variants.

The anthracite-colored Walli series, like its predecessor , will not be limited to controlling lighting or electricity in smart homes, apartments or offices. Like any appliance connected to the mains, the appliance will measure electricity and help reduce daily electricity costs. In addition, every switch and socket can be operated remotely.

The switches and sockets form a complete series that maintains visual consistency throughout the house, says Fibaro. High-quality design and unique material structure are enclosed in a shape with an illuminated LED ring, the color of which can be adjusted according to the purpose of the switch or socket. The Walli switches and sockets are prepared to work with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Home via the Fibaro system 

Available Fibaro Walli switches

Smart execution:

  • FIBARO Walli Switch
  • FIBARO Walli Dimmer
  • FIBARO Walli Roller Shutter
  • FIBARO Walli Outlet type E, type F.

Classic version (N):

  • FIBARO Walli N Outlet type E, type F.
  • FIBARO Walli N TV-SAT Outlet
  • FIBARO Walli N Ethernet Outlet
  • FIBARO Walli N USB Outlet

The range also includes the double and triple cover plate and knob from the Walli series.