Family Bell added school bell to Google Assistant

Family Bell added school bell
Family Bell added school bell : Google Assistant has a new option, which is completely in line with today's society, Family bell and school bell.

Family Bell added school bell : Google Assistant has a new option, which is completely in line with today’s society. This is addition to the Family Bell option, school bell, to make a school bell ring, possibly only in a specific room or rooms.

Just now that children all over the world have to do their schoolwork at home, Google Assistant has been given several new options that focus entirely on that. One of those things is the Family Bell. This one is ideal for simulating “real” school: you can set it at specific times throughout the day and then let it know when it’s time for something at any given time.

Family Bell added school bell for Google Assistant

“Something” can be anything: he can indicate that it is time for a new online lesson or reading time. You can also set it to be time for a snack or simply bedtime. So it is not just a school bell, but a fun way to remind children that it is time for something: especially children who cannot tell the time themselves.

Another option coming to Google Assistant that specifically Broadcast. That Broadcasting (Broadcasting in English) is an option that allows you to trigger a specific message in a specific room. You can ring different school bells in different rooms, letting your children who can read remotely know what the intention is. You do this by saying: “Hey Google, broadcast to the living room, dinner is ready”.

Only in English speaking countries

Setting up that Family Bell isn’t difficult either. You just have to say “Hey Google” and then “Create a Family Bell”. Unfortunately this does not work in the Dutch language yet. The Family Bell can only be used in the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. In short: English speaking countries. Whether we will still get it in the Netherlands is unknown at the moment. It is known that it works on smart displays and smart speakers with Google Assistant on it.

There are more kids options to the English Google Assistant on the way, but also only in the above countries. For example, you can say in English: “Hey Google, start the school day” so that a school theme can be seen on the screen. In addition, the Assistant plays sounds that sound like a school, so children rummage in their lockers and even the sound of other children. The smart lights can even participate, if you set it that way. Also nice: you can ask Google about the animal of the day, where fun facts are told about a certain animal and there is also a daily challenge to do.

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