Fallout 76 may not be a traditional single player game

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It seems that Fallout 76 announced yesterday by Bethesda, may not be what fans are about. Kotaku reports that according to information obtained through sources, it will be a different type of game than we are used to from the franchise.

It is reported that it will be an online survival RPG that is heavily inspired by games like DayZ and Rust. The game, Fallout 76,  would therefore be an experimental addition to the franchise and completely new and different than previous games. According to the sources, the game does contain a quest and story line as well as survival elements. The gameplay will only change rapidly, like many online ‘service’ games.

What remains of the rumors remains to be seen, this is up to Bethesda to show during the press conference. Bethesda itself will only show the Fallout 76 with the E3, until that time it will probably remain silent around the new title.