Facebook may be working on its own smartwatch with fitness functions

Smartwatch from Facebook? Facebook is going to launch its own Smartwatch. This is an interesting move as per Facebook previous hardware experiences.

Smartwatch from Facebook? Facebook has a mixed reputation when it comes to hardware. This probably has to do with the idea that users do not like to install devices in their homes that contain microphones and cameras, which come from the social media giant. But that may have little effect on the company’s plans. The Information namely writes that Facebook intends to release a smartwatch.

Smartwatch from Facebook

At the time of writing, little is known about the smart watch. It may run on Android, but it is unclear whether it is a recent version of Wear OS. Wear OS is the smartwatch operating system created by Google and based on Android.

It could also be that Facebook wants to use its own operating system for the new hardware. According to reports, the internet giant is working on its own OS (operating system), which must be present on the company’s hardware.

It is clear that the smartwatch should in any case be able to be used for fitness tracking. In addition, there must be support for apps such as Facebook Messenger. That app was recently added to the Oculus Rift headset.

Facebook already has hardware in its portfolio, such as the aforementioned Oculus Rift line. This is a series of virtual reality headsets. In addition, there is the Portal: a chat device including a camera and microphone on board.