YouTube competitor Facebook Watch launched everywhere immediately

Facebook Watch
Last year Facebook launched the video service Watch, this VOD service was only been available in the United States, but now being available everywhere.
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Last year Facebook launched the video service Facebook Watch, with which it immediately entered the competition with YouTube. The VOD service has so far only been available in the United States, but is now Facebook Watch launched everywhere immediately. Distributors and content creators on the platform thus have a worldwide market available for their videos at one stroke.

Facebook Watch launched

The service was unveiled during the course of August last year and was intended to provide users within the platform of To provide Facebook with a place to view content from creators. Facebook Watch users can also talk about the content on the spot with their friends, other fans and the makers themselves. As a result, the experience would become more social and Facebook thinks it would be easier to find common interests.

Last June Facebook announced that it would broadcast a series of news series on the Watch service. Striking about these series: during broadcasts, interactive elements such as polls and quizzes could be organized. That’s nice and makes for more user interaction.

Making money

It’s also easier for content makers to make money with their videos. People who make videos of three currencies, have 10,000 viewers and have more than 30,000 views of at least one minute within two months, can already make money with their content.

“With the global launch of Watch, we support distributors and creators worldwide in two important areas: we help them to make money with their videos on Facebook and better understand how their content is doing, “the company said in a statement about the launch.

The worldwide launch took a year wait, because the company first wanted to perform a beta test on one market. Facebook also wanted to expand its Ad Breaks service with Watch at the same time, so that real money can be earned. Ad Breaks is only available in thirty countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium.