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F1 TV Pro: you need to know about the Formula 1 streaming service

Using F1 TV Pro

During the Imola Grand Prix, we tried F1 TV Pro extensively and found out several pros and cons. The main broadcast is in 1080p at 50fps. If you choose a different camera angle such as the Pit Lane Channel, you can watch it in 720p at 50 fps. Image quality was generally good and we didn’t see any slowdowns. The idea was first to watch live Formula 1 via Ziggo on television and to use the second screen for telemetry, the map with the location of each driver at that time or to switch to Max Verstappen’s cockpit. That turned out not to be such a success. Ziggo’s broadcast was half a lap ahead of F1 TV Pro, so the television and the second screen were not aligned. You can of course pause your TV broadcast and continue watching after half a round, but that is not ideal.

Since you can use F1 TV Pro on multiple screens, I turned on the PC and cast the broadcast from there via the Chromecast to the television. Now it worked fine and was (fairly) in sync with the second screen. Note that when you cast, you no longer have a split screen. You can only cast one camera at a time and you cannot cast the telemetry at all. You can then choose a different camera angle yourself via your second screen. If you want a different camera angle on your television, you must first stop casting, select another camera and then press the cast icon again. Of course, that doesn’t work for a meter and that’s why you have to use the different camera angles on your second screen or follow the entire race from your tablet, smartphone, PC or laptop. It is possible that the upcoming Android TV app or Apple TV app will change this, so that you can also use multiple camera angles on your television. However, it has not yet been released.

At the time of testing, casting could only be done from the computer with your Chrome browser. Last week, the option to cast from the app was also added, so that increases the possibilities again.

The stability of the network is also a thing. We had no problems during the Imola Grand Prix, but anyone who reads the experiences of other people knows that the connection is not always stable. Especially during the race it is often so busy that people cannot connect or that the live stream continuously stops. We have not had these problems, but it is something to take into account. You can also pause and rewind the live broadcast of F1 TV Pro, even if the broadcast is still in progress.

To get an impression of this streaming service, we took advantage of the promotion to watch for free for seven days. This promotion took place last race weekend and will undoubtedly return. So if you have doubts about F1 TV Pro, such an action is an ideal time to try it. We immediately give a free tip, because the developers do not have everything in order. When your subscription has ended, make sure you stay logged in on your smartphone. For example, even four days after the subscription ended, we still had access to all content, even though we no longer had an active subscription. For the form we went to log out and log in again. And then everything turned out to be locked. So if you want to take extra advantage of F1 TV Pro, make sure you just stay logged in.

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