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EZVIZ C8C : A 360 degree outdoor security camera

EZVIZ introduce a new outdoor security camera called EZVIZ C8C which is a 360 degree cam For a price of just over 100 euros

EZVIZ is known for its affordable security cameras and that is certainly no different with the new EZVIZ C8C. For a price of just over 100 euros you can look around 360 degrees with both horizontal (pan) and vertical (tilt) movements. This makes your range of motion outside much greater. The camera also comes with people detection and lets you select zones for this detection yourself. You will therefore receive a notification when the camera has detected something that is not acceptable. The person detection will only go off with suspicious persons, not if a cat is running through the image.

This new Wi-Fi camera from EZVIZ films in 1080p resolution and comes with various night vision options, including color night vision. The camera also comes with a spotlight that you can switch on or off yourself, flash and indicate in which scenarios you want to use the spotlight. Thanks to the ip65 certificate, the camera is waterproof and you can safely hang it outside.

Stored images can be stored on a micro-SD card (max. 256 GB, not included) or stored in the cloud. The EZVIZ C8C offers support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can also start recordings with a voice command.

Price and availability of EZVIZ C8C

The camera was officially announced a few months ago, but should be available in stores around this time for just over 100 euros.