Etymotic EVO wired in-ear headphones

Etymotic EVO a wired in-ear headphones has been launched. This unique, solid and stylish in ear phones are cost 599 euros initially.

With the Evo, the manufacturer Etymotic announces its first multi-driver in-ear headphones for audiophile demands. What many do not know: Etymotic originally comes from the hearing aid industry and is considered the inventor of the in-ear earphone.

Etymotic Evo in-ear headphones: technology

Etymotic is proud of the new tot, it represents no less than the culmination of thirty years of research at the company. Technically speaking, it is a two-way design in which three balanced armature drivers work together in a very small space – two for the Bass range and one for the mid-high range. Together, the three drivers should enable a frequency response of 20 Hertz to 16 Kilohertz, the nominal impedance is 47 Ohm and the sensitivity is specified as 99 dB at 100 mV (@ 1 kHz).

View of the equipment package of the Etymotic Evo

The equipment package is also extensive – including various ear molds and a high-quality Estron-Linum connection cable with low impedance. Extensive research into the physiology of the human ear has also resulted in a housing shape that guarantees not only a comfortable but also a secure fit in the ear, promises Etymotic.

Etymotic Evo price: 599 euros