Erzetich Charybdis Headphones – Mono & Stereo

The new Charybdis headphones help music lovers and musicians to ride the waves of clarity and superior sound

Premium Planar Magnetic Headphones

superior sound quality

Charybdis headphones use advanced planar magnetic technology and are made from the finest materials, to deliver superior detail and clarity in your sound. Every note and nuance is captured, allowing you to truly appreciate the beauty of your music.

Mature sound that puts the emphasis on the music

Its design was honed to provide a mature sound that puts an emphasis on the music while keeping its own character out of the way. You will be able to lose yourself in your favorite songs without distractions.

Designed for experienced listeners

Charybdis headphones are designed for experienced music lovers who want to enjoy their favorite songs without compromise.

The planar magnetic drivers are firmly supported by CNC-milled aluminum cups, allowing for unmatched purity of sound that is sure to satisfy the most demanding audiophile. The thick ear pads provide a comfortable distance from your ears and provide a soft position on your head, allowing your listening sessions to last for hours without feeling any discomfort.

RRP: 3000 EUR


  • Impedance: 43 ohms
  • Speaker: Planar magnetic
  • Cup system: Open
  • Weight: 740g
  • Character: Broad, smooth, detailed and very controlled
  • Suggested Amp Pairing With: Medousa, Scylla