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Epic Games Confirms: Fortnite removed from the App Store with less features and Options on iOS

Developer Epic Games has confirmed that now that Fortnite removed from the App Store and it will be without popular features
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Fortnite removed from the App Store

Developer Epic Games has confirmed that now that Fortnite removed from the App Store, the game will have to do without popular features. Anyone who plays on an iPhone or iPad (or Mac) will now have to do without cross-platform multiplayer. So you can only play against other people within the Apple ecosystem as an iOS gamer.

Epic Games Fortnite removed from the App Store

Moreover, Fortnite players also have to do without new seasons; like the Marvel season recently announced by Epic Games. The lawsuit between Epic and Apple has split Fortnite in two, as it were: one version for people on iOS, macOS and iPadOS and one version for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Android. The latter group can still play with each other. That group can also count on new content, such as the aforementioned Marvel season.

For the time being, it does not appear that this status quo is changing. Apple does not have to allow the game in the App Store again from the court, as long as Epic Games cannot comply with the rules. Meanwhile, Epic claims the company would rather get rid of those rules than get rich because it gives Apple a position of power that limits other developers and publishers in their options. There is also good news, as Epic will not lose its license to maintain the game engine Unreal Engine. The judge has also decided that.

So if you are now a Fortnite gamer on iOS, keep in mind that you will not be presented with new seasons or content for the time being. Also, you can no longer compete with friends who play on a console or other phone. You are dependent on all players from the Apple ecosystem. Now there may be enough players there, but the question is how nice everything will remain when the content is not updated. We will not be surprised when it appears that the player base will slowly shrink on iOS.