EMT 928II Precision Turntable

EMT 928II Precision Turntable launches with an overall weight of 23kg. The chassis is machined from aluminum.


Fifty years ago, EMT introduced the model 928 turntable in combination with the 929 tonearm. This turntable was also produced in collaboration with the Swiss brand THORENS, and was the only EMT turntable with a belt drive system. The compact machine was used for broadcast work outside the studio or on a mobile unit.

The current Swiss EMT team is led by Micha Huber and has been involved in EMT R&D for upcoming turntable projects for over ten years. We are pleased to present the first result of this effort: the EMT 928 II battery-powered precision turntable.

The EMT 928 II is a massively built precision turntable with a total weight of 23kg. The chassis is machined from aluminum and rests on four decoupled ball feet. With three platter speeds (33 1⁄3, 45 and 78 rpm) it’s the unit ready to play all kinds of records. It’s a perfect match for the currently released 9-inch EMT arm and all EMT pods.

The new turntable features an independent battery power supply that allows for over 40 hours of playing time while completely disconnected from the mains. Therefore, any interference from the electrical network is excluded. Built-in charging circuitry handles charge cycles automatically and displays status with a dual-color LED.

As a tribute to the original EMT 928, turning power is transmitted via a belt. The latest 20-watt motor is combined with high-precision control loop circuitry in a compact package to ensure short signal paths and minimize interference. This design makes it possible to accelerate the 5.5 kg coil in a short time and to keep the coil speed constant within a narrow field of tolerance.