Electronic Arts gives some details about Madden NFL 19, including release date

Electronic Arts gives some details about Madden NFL 19, including latest trailer and release date, August 10 of this year.
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Sports games of Electronic Arts are provided with a new part every year, so that also applies to the Madden series. EA has now lifted a corner of the veil about what we can expect from Madden NFL 19 this year. There is also a release date given, August 10.

Madden NFL 19

The newest member in the longest running series of Electronic Arts will focus on the realistic movement of players, which is referred to as Real Player Motion. Now the weight and body type of an athlete is taken into account and a great variety of animation should make every movement go smoothly. This makes it possible for a runningback to run through small holes in the defense.

The most important modes in the franchise are also more extensive than before. Madden Ultimate Team is provided with Solo Battles, in which you have to complete a solo assignment as best as possible and you are among the best in the world, then you get a reward for that. Connected Franchise and MUT Squads have also undergone minor changes to present an even more complete experience.

The newest part of Madden will once again receive a Hall of Fame Edition and this time Terrel Owens is central. This edition of the game contains extra items for Ultimate Team. You can also play Madden NFL 19 three days earlier than someone who buys the normal version.