Electrocompaniet TANA SL-2 Wireless speaker with built-in streamer

The Norwegian firm Electrocompaniet launches Electrocompaniet TANA SL-2,a Wireless speaker with built-in streamer
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Electrocompaniet TANA SL-2 is a Wireless speaker with built-in streamer. About to reach its first half century of existence, the Norwegian firm Electrocompaniet continues to display a balance between purism and business sense unusual in the world of the High End. And it does it with products as attractive as the new one active loudspeaker with built-in streamer Tana SL-2, integrated into the exquisite Series EC Living from Electrocompaniet and updated version of the award-winning Tana SL-1. As its name suggests, the EC Living Series aims to bring to the modern lifestyle – where design, new technologies and the quality / price ratio are essential – the experience and passion of the Scandinavian firm for things well done. This means freedom of control and modularity, as well as Internet connectivity, immediate access to the most popular online music services, and a distinguished musicality, all complemented by an avant-garde aesthetic that is enhanced by the presence of high quality materials.

The first highlight of the Tana SL-2 is that its physical structure is still more stable than its predecessor, with the speakers mounted on top of it, with both the base and the rear panel built in aluminum. However, the true innovations of the new Electrocompaniet lie within it, based on that of the Tana SL-1 but with a new chassis and new software, which allows to expand both the functionality and the overall quality. In addition, the SL-2 is equipped with a amplifier module in new invoice Class AB that delivers 150 continuous watts. For its part, the signal processing is carried out by a DSP “chip” with technology 32-bit system that allows you to both control the speakers with a extreme precision how to optimize the different audio settings made by the user. In terms of acoustic configuration, the new Electrocompaniet is a two-way system that is complemented by a passive radiator to extend the bass response. As a device for streaming, the SL-2 starts with a Wi-Fi module conforming to the IEEE 802.11ac standard with MIMO, although it can also be integrate to the network of networks via Gigabit Ethernet interface with RJ45 connector.

In this sense, the SL-2 initially functions as a DLNA renderer, while at the same time you can conveniently access online music services such as Spotify Connect, TIDAL, TIDAL Connect and Qobuz, as well as Internet Radio. Besides, the Electrocompaniet not only supports Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay, but also Apple AirPlay 2, as well as including homologation Roon Ready. When it comes to digital file formats, the SL-2 is compatible MP3, AAC, OggV Vorbis, WMA, WAV, ALAC and FLAC, while in terms of resolution it can handle PCM signals up to 24 bit / 192 kHz and DSD up to DSD128. And as regards connectivity, the new Electrompaniet is Bluetooth compatible, as well as includes Digital tickets coaxial, and optical, as well as a USB port that allows you to use mass storage drives as if it were an audio source. The Tana SL-2 can be wirelessly expanded to a stereophonic configuration –Or monophonic in two rooms- by adding the matching “slave” wireless active loudspeaker Tana L-2, visually identical to the Tana SL-2, with which it also shares all its engineering except for the streaming functionality.