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Electrocompaniet App Update & Tidal Connect Integration | News fairaudio

The Norwegian manufacturer Electrocompaniet has further developed its software and is introducing two innovations: on the one hand, a Tidal Connect integration for its streaming clients, and on the other, a revision of the EC-PLAY app.

With a current one Firmware update the Electrocompaniet streamers, which are based on the EC software engine, are now able to stream directly from the Tidal app for iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows. The update gives the following Electrocompaniet devices this new capability:

  • Tana SL1 and SL2 streamers / speakers
  • Rena S1 streamer / DAC
  • Rena SA1 Integrated Amplifier / DAC / Streamer
  • ECI 6 DX and ECI 6DX MKII integrated amplifier / DAC / streamer
  • ECM 1 and ECM MKII streamer

And then there is an update for that EC Play app – it is now available in version 2.2 and supports the languages ​​German, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese. In addition, the Landscape mode so that tablets and smartphones can be rotated 90 degrees.


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