ELAC Uni-Fi Reference speakers: UBR62, UFR52 & UCR52

ELAC Uni-Fi Reference speakers: UBR62, UFR52 & UCR52 launches

Elac’s popular Uni-Fi speaker series is getting an upgrade – and a character-setting “Reference” as an addition to the name. UBR62, UFR52 and UCR52 are called the family members of the new Elac Uni-Fi ReferenceSeries – in the form of a compact box, a floorstanding loudspeaker and a center. Although there have been optimizations in terms of technology and design, the prices of the sound transducers available from October 2021 have remained pleasantly down-to-earth (see below).

The compact loudspeaker Elac Uni-Fi UBR62, measuring 208 x 359 x 334 millimeters (WxHxD), and the almost one meter high floorstanding speaker Elac Uni-Fi UFR52 add a bit more when it comes to bass reproduction: The larger bass drivers now come with black anodized, larger 165- mm aluminum membranes and have been newly developed for the Reference line, according to the Kiel-based company.

Elac UFR52 Uni-Fi Reference comes with additional bass reflex ports and a bi-wiring terminal

The bass reproduction is supported by ventilation on the front, and on the Uni-Fi UFR52 by additional bass reflex openings on the back. At the rear of the stereo speakers there is also the new connection terminal, which, compared to the classic Uni-Fi series, now also enables bi-wiring.

Elac UBR62 Uni-Fi Reference in silk matt white / oak decor

Elac UBR62 Uni-Fi Reference in silk matt white / oak decor

The nominal impedances of all three Reference models (6 ohms) have become a bit more amplifier-friendly than the original Uni-Fis and are based on the Uni-Fi 2.0 series, which is also already available. With regard to the rather moderate efficiency (85 and 86 dB / 2.83 V / mm), the Elac-Uni-Fi Reference loudspeakers are unchanged.

The “Elac Uni-Fi Reference” series comes with anodised and lacquered aluminum cones and comes in the neat versions of silk matt black / walnut decor and silk matt white / oak decor (both baffle / body).

Elac UCR52 Uni-Fi Reference

The third in the Uni-Fi reference bundle: the Center Elac UCR52

The recommended retail prices are:

  • Elac UBR62: 848 euros / pair
  • Elac UFR52: 1,698 euros / pair
  • Elac UCR52: 549 euros / piece