EISA Awards 2018/2019: the winners in the field of Audio and Video

EISA Awards 2018/2019- This article discussed the EISA Awards 2018/2019: the winners in the field of Audio and Video.
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The EISA Awards 2018/2019 will ring at least a bell with many lovers of audio, video and electronics. Previously, this abbreviation was for European Imaging and Sound Association, but in 2018 the number of participants has expanded considerably with members from outside Europe. We are now talking about more than 50 magazines from 25 countries (including ourselves in the form of FWD Magazine), where the almost 20 European participants are supplemented with members from Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, India and Hong Kong / China and the ‘E’ of the new global club now stands for ‘Expert’. Together they choose the very best products in the categories Audio, Video, Home Theater, Photography, In-Car Electronics and Mobile Devices. We look below for the winners in the field of Audio and Video.

The EISA winners in a row

Denon AVC-X8500H

The flagship of Denon is a AV amplifier that is perfect for anyone looking for the highest level of home entertainment. With 210 watts per channel with no less than 13 discrete amplifiers, it is powerful and capable of driving demanding loudspeakers. Whether you have a 9.1.4 set-up or a 7.1.6 configuration with six ceiling speakers, it offers a dynamic display. The AVC-X8500H is capable of decoding Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro-3D filmmixes, as well as hi-res audio files up to 192 kHz / 24-bit.

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Pioneer VSX-933

Contrary to what you would expect given the reasonable price, Pioneers seven channel VSX-933 AV receiver offers a remarkable high-end feature list, making it a center for a home cinema up to 7.2 channels. Built-in decoding includes the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X formats, with a special reflex optimiser to calibrate upward-facing speakers in the most challenging chambers. The powerful and excellently built VSX-933 adds multiroom, hi-res audio support, streaming services (such as Tidal, Spotify and Deezer), and Chromecast to its convincing film credentials.

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KEF Q Series

The KEF Q Series has had a legendary status for decades, but is now being reinvented for today’s listener . A robust, stylish cabinet design is accompanied by an impressive display, made possible by the latest version of KEF’s Uni-Q concentric driver. It treats the midrange and the high as a single point source.

Jamo S 809 HCS / S 810 SUB / S 8 ATM

When it comes to compelling home cinema audio coming from a clever and stylish system, Jamo’s Studio 8 series is the best student in the class. It is an ideal starting point for a multichannel setup. The S 809 HCS package of two floorstanders, a center speaker and a pair of bookshelf speakers as surround channels can be enhanced by adding the compact but car-like S 810 SUB for more impact in the layer.

Focal 300IWLCR6 / 300IW6

For anyone who does not feel like stuffing up a room with speakers, the 300 In-Wall Series from Focal offers a solution that is elegant without compromising performance . Installation is simple thanks to a clever clamping system and the rimless magnetic grids provide an almost invisible finish. Thanks to the Flax drivers and cones made of fiberglass, these Focal in-wall speakers produce a neutral midrange, accurate bass and a precise reproduction of vocals.

EISA Awards 2018/2019 for SOUNDBAR

The LG SK10Y Dolby Atmos soundbar has been designed for screens up to 65 inches and above, providing an exciting home cinema solution for places where space is limited. It is well equipped with network functionality, hi-res audio, Chromecast and a wireless subwoofer. It is slim and beautifully built. This 5.1.2 channel model has 4K HDR pass through HDMI, and can be combined with LG’s SPK8-S wireless speakers to expand the sound field to 7.1.2. Sound performance, boosted by Meridian audio technology and preset EQ modes, are rich in bass and grand.

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EISA Awards 2018/2019 for BEST BUY SOUNDBAR
Polk Audio MagniFi MAX

The MagniFI MAX soundbar puts a lot of functionality into a room-friendly design. Dolby and DTS decoding is married to Polk Audio’s patented ‘Stereo Dimensional Array’ digital surround processing, good for a wide range of films, TV and music. Special voice adjust technology improves dialogue, so you always understand it well. The accompanying subwoofer, which is connected wirelessly, produces powerful and controlled bass.

SVS SB-4000

As you are talking about a bass performance that you can hear and feel, then the SB-4000 is in its own class. Equipped with technology from SVS ’16-Ultra reference line, such as the’ Sledge ‘amplifier, this breathtaking subwoofer delivers a powerful 4,000-watt peak power. Its long-throw 13.5-inch driver – mounted in a solid closed box – is capable of unleashing pure dynamics, even at the very lowest subsonic frequencies. SVS ‘advanced DSP offers error-free room correction with full parametric equalization, giving the SB-4000 very precise LFE at all positions. All settings can easily be adjusted via a remote control or smartphone app.

Panasonic DP-UB9000 series

Panasonic adds a new DP-UB9000 chapter to his glorious Blu-ray history. It is a magnificently finished high-end device that is compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray (including Dolby Vision and HDR10 +), DVD, CD and hi-res audio – even DSD playback. Custom image processing, high-end components and advanced setting options mean that every microdetail is presented in films and music. Panasonics adjustable HDR Optimiser tool improves the display of UHD HDR10 content, while a 768 kHZ / 32-bit DAC offers a premium audio experience.

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Sony UBP-X700

As a member of Sony’s second generation Ultra HD Blu-ray players, the UBP-X700 delivers everything you need to create the new UHD HDR world to enter – without leaving behind the past. Since it can also handle DVD, BD and even SACD audio discs. If necessary, the second HDMI output can only output audio, while the main output can send the video signal (including HDR10 and Dolby Vision) directly to a TV. A big plus are the wireless networking options, which allow you to enjoy online video and audio services such as Netflix and YouTube, and hi-res DLNA playback.

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EISA Awards 2018/2019 for BEST BUY LCD TV
TCL 55DC760

This 55 inch midrange UHD television from TCL has something for everyone. Besides the new Android 8.0 smart TV system, the device is equipped with HDR support and the sound gets a big boost from the integrated two-way JBL soundbar. Sports, film and games all benefit from the extensive color range and the wide viewing angle. Even those who are not right in front of the television enjoy handsome images. In the menus you will find ample possibilities to adjust the image to taste. The integrated Chromecast function and Google Assistant of Android TV ensure easy use and quick access to online content.

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EISA Awards 2018/2019 for HOME THEATER TVĀ 
Philips 65OLED903

Film buffs looking for a fantastic home theater experience demand impressive, compelling images and sound. And that combination offers the 65 inch OLED flagship Philips. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with HiFi specialist Bowers & Wilkins, the device is equipped with a custom soundbar, with separate midbass and treble drivers in insulated chassis chambers that create a rich and detailed sound field. Philips’ proprietary, powerful P5 image processor with the new ‘Perfect Natural Reality’ image editing and extensive calibration capabilities guarantees wonderful UHD HDR (and upscaled SDR) images with a deep black level, fine shadow detail, exceptional contrast and a wide color range.

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EISA Awards 2018/2019 for PREMIUM OLED TV

With the 65 inch E8, LG puts a superior and exceptionally versatile Ultra HD HDR TV on the market, with brilliant images only one part of the story. There is the clever interaction and video-on-demand via the excellent WebOS interface that is enriched with LG’s ThinQ A.I. The television plays Dolby Atmos soundtracks for that extra bit of immersion is the sound. The picture-on-glass design fits perfectly in every living room. The combination of the new, brighter OLED panel and the Alpha 9 image processing chip ensure superb image performance with rich contrast and deep, intense colors.

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Samsung 65Q9FN

The top model from Samsung’s QLED range stands out for its eye-catching design and discreet installation options. The 65 inch Ultra HD screen uses only one sleek, almost invisible cable that connects it to the One Connect box that contains all connections and electronics. When you’re not watching TV, Samsung’s Ambient Mode displays artworks, useful information, or your own photos while minimizing energy consumption. And thanks to ‘Smart Things’ technology, the TV is also part of a smart home ecosystem. Even more impressive is the image quality. The 65Q9FN is equipped with a Full Array backlight with local dimming that uses the Samsung Q-engine image processing to bring breathtaking images to the screen.

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Philips 55OLED803

Philips combines the latest 2018 OLED panel with its new P5 image processing chip for amazing results on this 55 inch model, at an alluring price. This Ultra HD OLED TV converts images with standard dynamic range to almost HDR quality using Philips’ latest image technology, ‘Perfect Natural Reality’. This television is also an excellent choice for real HDR images, thanks to rich natural colors, perfect blackness, excellent motion sharpness and support for the latest HDR10 + standard. Philips’ unique Ambilight technology gives an extra boost to visual performance, and the powerful 50 Watt sound system and Android TV with Google Assistant complete this beautiful and versatile TV.

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LG 65SK9500

Artificial intelligence transforms smart functions on televisions, and the SK9500 from LG is groundbreaking in this area. As a top model of LG’s Super UHD line in 2018, it delivers a fine Ultra HD image (with Dolby Vision support) thanks to IPS Nano-Cell technology with Full Array LED Dimming Pro, with a powerful AI called ‘AI ThinQ’ contributes to collaboration with Google Assistant. This system works with existing Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa devices, so you can change channels, inputs and other changes with voice commands. The latest webOS platform and Magic Remote makes navigation through the huge amount of streaming apps a real pleasure.

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Sharp Aquos LV-70X500E

8K is not the future – it has already arrived in the present. Armed with a native 7.680 x 4.320 pixel display (16 times the resolution of Full HD), this 70 inch LCD monitor from panel manufacturer Sharp delivers a level of detail that you should have seen. Of its eight HDMI inputs, four are used in parallel to process an 8K video signal, and there are two USB ports that support 8K photos. But you should not wait for 8K content. The LV-70X500E features powerful 8K upscaling technology and Full Array local dimming for a high-contrast and sharp reproduction of your UHD HDR film collection. This is a stunningly beautiful proposition from Sharp that announces the beginning of a new era.

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BenQ W1700

The BenQ W1700 brings UHD HDR quality to the large projection screen at home, at a price for which you previously only got Full HD. BenQ’s optical system uses a DLP Digital Micromirror Device, which moves the pixels of a Full HD array to four positions per frame. This provides a UHD experience with crisp, clear and vivid images. Color reproduction is impressive right out of the box and you can count on 3D playback for a high level of cinematic immersion.

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Sony VPL-VW760ES

Sony expands its home theater projection offering with this laser flagship with native 4K HDR, which provides an excellent movie experience. By using SXRD panels from the company’s digital cinema department, the VPL-VW760ES succeeds in bringing sophisticated and super-sharp images to the big screen. This is combined with an HDR10 and HLG display that benefits from the excellent light control and brightness of 2,000 lumens. The whole is completed with a wide color reproduction from the laser, Reality Creation upscaling of Full HD sources and an immersive 3D playback, making this projector a place in the best home theaters.