Edifier MS50A: smart speaker without microphone

Edifier MS50A: smart speaker without microphone which available immediately for 149 euros which offers you many options.

Edifier launches a smart speaker without a microphone. The Edifier MS50A Wi-Fi speaker is said to be the ‘best sounding Wi-Fi speaker ever made’, according to the manufacturer. That is of course quite a statement, but we have to admit that the brand often manages to deliver good speakers for a reasonable price. The Edifier MS50A Wi-Fi speaker is really marketed by the manufacturer as a smart speaker, but it does not have a microphone itself. What exactly is that? You can control this speaker via Amazon Alexa on your phone or via an Amazon Echo device. That way you can also use Alexa’s multi-room system.

Pair two Edifier MS50A for stereo sound

Operation can also be done on the speaker itself. On top you will find smart touch controls. This way you can adjust the volume or switch songs. On board we find an AP6265 chip, amplifier and DSP technology with, according to Edifier, a powerful tweeter (0.75-inch (19mm) silk dome) and woofer (4-inch (102mm) wool diaphragm). You can pair two MS50A speakers with the Edifier Home app for stereo sound. You do not need any cables. The speaker weighs 2.26 kilograms and has a power of 40W. Thanks to WiFi, you have access to streaming services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal and more. This model also has bluetooth. AirPlay 2 is also supported.

Price and availability

The Edifier MS50A is available immediately for 149 euros. More information can be found on the Edifier’s website