EAT C-Dur Turntable launches

The latest from the prestigious and very puristic European Audio Team, better known by its initials EAT, EAT C-Dur Turntable

The latest from the prestigious and very puristic European Audio Team, better known by its initials EAT, for the reproduction of vinyl records. His name is C-Dur and, as is the norm in the Central European firm, it is presented with a classic aesthetic and elegant lines that facilitate its integration into any living room. Starting from the idea of ​​transferring the exceptional benefits from the Forte model to a more compact format turntable, the C-Dur is a vinyl player with belt drive and MDF frame of high thickness (50 mm) that stands out in the first place for the extremely smooth rotation, without the slightest background noise, of its plate. Made entirely of aluminum and weighing 5.2 kg, this turntable rests on a resonance-free 900 g aluminum “suplatter” and is completed with an inverted bearing that guarantees optimum stability. silent playback and accurate in equal parts.

For his part, he opulentwith a weight of 1.8 kg, twist block It combines a polished stainless steel shaft with a ceramic ball located in its upper area, due to its extreme hardness and inertia. To this must be added a teflon plate whose satin surface contributes to increase the level of damping and the smoothness of the rotation. Another key component of the C-Dur is the reading armspecifically the celebrated C-Note from EATa high-precision instrument with an effective length of 10″ (254 mm) and a carbon fiber central body that combines all the advantages of unipivot arms with a cardan-type design, the latter guaranteeing a high stability and ease of use while minimizing friction. Also, inside the arm there is a special silicone-based grease that dampens by more than 50% the resonances of the set formed by it and the recording capsule.

On the other hand, the carbon fiber tube allows to have the necessary rigiditywhile the aluminum headshell provides a extra absorption of possible resonances. As for the engine, a model of very low noise completely insulated thanks to its placement on a steel ring that is then mounted on the C-Dur chassis. An external direct current power supply, which incorporates an alternating current generator, ensures a ultra clean power supply for the engine, which is connected to the subplatter by a polished antistatic rubber strap. EAT’s new turntable is completed with three aluminum feet with internal TPE cushioning (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and a semi-balanced cable with a 5-pin DIN to RCA connector.

Technical characteristics

  • Very high performance turntable.
  • Very low noise motor; belt drive.
  • 50 mm thick MDF chassis.
  • Highly inert aluminum plate of 5.2 kg.
  • 900 g aluminum subplatter.
  • Inverted bearing with ceramic ball.
  • Rotation speed of 33/45 rpm electronically controlled.
  • Tone arm with carbon fiber tube and aluminum headshell.
  • Arm with effective length of 254 mm (10”).
  • Height-adjustable aluminum feet with internal TPE cushioning.
  • 70 dB mechanical signal/noise ratio.
  • External power supply.
  • Standard supplied with an audiophile grade semi-balanced cable.
  • Dimensions with protective cover closed: 496x170x396 mm (WxHxD).
  • Dimensions with protective cover open: 4696x475x396 mm (WxHxD).
  • Weight: 15.6 kg.