E3 2021 will continue, but probably as a digital event

E3 2021 is going according to schedule but with a bit change, that is, it will held virtually like other big events effected with COVID 19.
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Video Games Chronicle writes that E3 2021 will probably be set up as a digital event, taking place from June 15th to June 17th. More details will be announced soon, a spokesperson confirmed.

E3 2021 going digital?

However, the website writes that the plans are largely already known. For example, there will be several keynote sessions that each last two hours and come from game partners. In addition, there will be an award show and a preview evening, which will then be held on June 14. In addition, there will be several streams active during the event, from publishers, influencers and media partners.

Further writes Video Games Chronicle that major game media can play the games in the spotlight during E3 2021 a week in advance. As a consumer, you will have the opportunity to download demos to your own game console during the three-day event, so that you can already see what new games have in store. In addition, game demos could be streamed in a busy yet to be announced schedule.

It remains to be seen whether we actually go through the E3, one of the largest game fairs in the world, in this form. Members of the organization still have to give their approval and can therefore still influence the form. Last year, the game fair was canceled due to the global pandemic, which we are still living in. Earlier this year CES 2021 just continue, to a large extent digitally too.