Dynaudio Focus Wireless Sound System

Dynaudio Focus Wireless Sound System has been launched. The Focus family is available to buy now at select retailers in some regions of EU.

Dynaudio launches Focus range of high-end active streaming loudspeakers

Wireless connectivity, amazing ease of use, and Dynaudio’s legendary studio sound quality: a winning combination for audiophile performance…no hassle.

Dynaudio is pleased to announce the new Focus series, a family of fully active wireless stereo speakers. Each model in the range features state-of-the-art streaming capabilities alongside tried and tested Dynaudio driver technology. It is perhaps the most advanced system of its kind on the market: studio audio quality coupled with incredible ease of use and versatility.

The new Focus replaces the previous Focus XD range with a design that is as modern inside as it is out. It is designed for users who want a system that works right out of the box without adjustments or additional equipment, and fits into their living room without overpowering it.

There are three models: Focus 10 (a two-way monitor), Focus 30 (a two-and-a-half-way floorstanding speaker), and Focus 50 (a three-way floorstanding speaker).

Here are some of the (many) highlights:

Class-leading versatility

Whether you’re starting from scratch after upgrading from a smaller system, or building on top of your existing setup, Focus fits the bill.

Its integrated high-end streaming platform takes care of everything online, while coaxial and optical digital inputs and analog connections mean a CD player and even a turntable can still sit front and center alongside streaming services. streaming. There’s even a triggered subwoofer output, Ethernet, and it’s Dirac Live ready for advanced calibrators.

Do you want to use wireless connection with your TV? WiSA connectivity makes it a breeze. No wires needed.

Incredible ease of use

Listen what you want, how you want. Focus supports Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Qplay, UPnP, Netradio, and Bluetooth. And it’s also Roon Ready. If it can be streamed, Focus will play it.

It’ll automatically switch inputs based on the source you want to use, turn on automatically when an input is connected, and even detect when the included magnetic Smart Grilles are applied, and adjust its EQ to compensate.

And if you don’t want to use your phone to control it after using the free Dynaudio setup app, there’s a Bluetooth remote included in the box.

studio performance

What goes in, comes out. Focus uses the same legendary Dynaudio driver technology (including the renowned Cerotar tweeter) and the same type of amplifiers that the company uses in its professional studio reference monitors.

Then there’s the sealed enclosure design which, thanks to sophisticated digital signal processing, delivers even more accurate, deep and controlled bass performance. Users can also independently offset the position of each speaker in their room from within the app, meaning there are no sonic surprises when you set them up. Wherever you are installing them.

The entire Focus family was measured at Jupiter, Dynaudio’s world-class measurement facility, and tuned with the same ears that have been behind some of their most prestigious loudspeakers.

clean scandinavian design

Danish design is synonymous with ‘desirable’, and Focus is no exception. Its slim cabinets, available in four beautiful contemporary finishes (gloss white, gloss black, walnut, and blonde wood), are designed to blend in with real-life interior décor for those who prefer not to rearrange their lives. around their speakers, or get distracted from their music or movies by something that seems too outlandish.

Even the Dynaudio logo has been streamlined and doubles as an integrated LED that tells you at a glance what the speaker is doing.

exceptional craftsmanship

Of course, the Focus wouldn’t be a proper Dynaudio loudspeaker if its build quality wasn’t amazing. Rugged MDF cabinets, a long-lasting amp design, and premium touches like aluminum driver surrounds make it obvious you own a high-end product.

The Focus family is available to buy now at select retailers in our EMEA region and will be available in the rest of the world later this year.

Prices (RRP)

  • Focus 10: €5,000
  • Focus 30: €7,500
  • Focus 50: €10,000