Dynaudio Emit announced Loudspeaker series for HiFi & home cinema

Dynaudio Emit announced Loudspeaker series for HiFi & home cinema with price range from 680 euros / piece to 2,000 euros.

The Danish manufacturer Dynaudio announces in a current press release that the popular Emit entry-level series has been revised – the new Emit series includes five new loudspeakers for fans of sophisticated stereophonic and / or film sound reproduction.

Dynaudio Emit series: technical details

Dynaudio’s redesigned speaker series consists of the compact speakers Emit 10 and Emit 20, the floorstanding models Emit 30 and Emit 50 and the center speaker Emit 25C. All five models were developed and tuned in the Dynaudio laboratories in Skanderborg, Denmark – among others in the in-house measuring room “Jupiter”.

The tweeter of the Emit series: The fabric dome is driven by powerful, well-ventilated magnets

According to Daniel Emonts, chief acoustician at Dynaudio, knowledge from the development of significantly more advanced Dynaudio loudspeakers was deliberately passed on – fully committed to the trickle-down principle.

For the high frequency range, Dynaudio relies on the Cerotar tweeter, which is also used in the renowned Evoke series is to be found. It is a fabric dome with a 28 mm aluminum voice coil and an AirFlow magnet made of strontium carbonate ferrite. By optimizing the flow behavior in the rear chamber as well as a well thought-out Hexis dome behind the dome, unwanted resonances can be effectively countered – a smooth frequency response and a fine-grained high-frequency reproduction are the results of these constructive measures.

Dynaudio Emit - bass-midrange driver

Powerful drivers are used in Dynaudio’s Emit series for the mid and bass bands

Dynamic drivers developed by Dynaudio are of course responsible for the mid, mid-bass and bass ranges. Strong double magnet systems (ferrite / ceramic) drive membranes made of a magnesium silicate polymer, which is characterized by its lightness, good damping behavior and rigidity. The membranes are connected directly to the copper-clad aluminum voice coils, which means that playback is even more controlled, they say.

The center speaker Dynaudio Emit 25C

The center speaker Dynaudio Emit 25C

The Danes said that no savings were made on the crossover. So-called hybrid crossovers combine filters with different slopes in order to let the chassis play at the optimal operating point.

Dynaudio Emit 50

Dynaudio Emit 50

All five models are bass reflex loudspeakers with double funnel pipes, which are intended to minimize flow noise. The enclosures are made of 18 millimeter thick MDF, which is available with three different laminates: black, white and walnut are available. The speakers are available now.

Pair prices, unless otherwise noted:

  • Dynaudio Emit 10: 729 euros
  • Dynaudio Emit 20: 950 euros
  • Dynaudio Emit 30: 1,500 euros
  • Dynaudio Emit 50: 2,000 euros
  • Dynaudio Emit 25C: 680 euros / piece