DTS Play-Fi for cheap TVs: coming to Hisense, Sharp and Loewe products

DTS Play-Fi for cheap TVs: In the latest development, DTS Ply-Fi going to introduce on low priced products of Hisense, Sharp and others.

In 2019 Philips launched its first products with DTS Play-Fi. The brand now has several televisions on the market that support Play-Fi and two wireless speakers who use the platform. This year, three more manufacturers will start using the platform such as DTS Play-Fi for cheap TVs.

DTS Play-Fi for cheap TVs

Hisense and Loewe will release their first products with DTS Play-Fi later this year. Hisense opts for the second half of 2021, while Loewe will launch its products in the first half of 2021. Sharp has also confirmed that it will work with the platform, but it is not yet known when the first products will appear.

Although DTS Play-Fi offers the possibility to activate wireless surround sound, this is currently not possible on Philips products. According to the company itself, it would be worked on. Loewe and Hisense also hint at this in their announcements. For example, Loewe speaks of “surround sound” and Hisense of “home theater and whole-home audio”.

DTS Play-Fi can be found on a variety of products, including televisions, receivers, amplifiers and speakers. The platform offers numerous functions for streaming audio, from your own library or from streaming services. There is also the possibility to play hi-res audio and you can create multiroom setups.

The platform is not proprietary, which means that you can put together a complete system yourself that consists of products from different brands. Also, no additional hardware is required since Play-Fi works via WiFi.