Comparison of three cheap soundbars for less than 250 euros

Comparison of three cheap soundbars : This article do a Comparison of three cheap soundbars Panasonic SC-HTB254, Sony HT-SF150 and Samsung HW-N400 for you.
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A soundbar is a great way to quickly achieve good sound with your television. The wide speakers often offer a much better listening experience than the speakers in your TV. You have to see it like this: the more you invest in such a soundbar, the better the sound and the more functions you get. But not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on such a thing and not everyone is waiting for a large, wide object for television with functions that no one will use. This article do a Comparison of three cheap soundbars for you.

Comparison of three cheap soundbars

Sometimes it’s allowed all a bit more simple and that is also good soundbars. These sound bars are often cheaper, while they have the same advantages as an expensive soundbar. You connect the device with one cable (hdmi or optical) and immediately hear a difference, from the first moment. Not all sound bars in this price range come with a subwoofer, so that’s something to be reckoned with. Usually the sub creates some extra dynamics.

In addition to good sound, it is also important to pay attention to the connections. Today, almost all soundbars are equipped with bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly stream music to the device. We also see more and more often that the cheaper models are equipped with at least one hdmi-connection (hdmi-arc), so you do not depend on the optical audio cable (a connection that you do not always find on a television).

These are things that we pay attention to in these comparative articles. In addition, we of course take into account the prices, the (supplied or not supplied) remote control and of course the design. Because if you put a soundbar in the house that you constantly look at, then you can expect a lot in that area too. And of course the most important: how do they sound?


Comparison of three cheap soundbars – 1. Panasonic SC-HTB254 – conclusion

Whether you like the design of a soundbar or not, that’s a matter of taste. Panasonic has in any case released a sleek and compact soundbar on the market that is perfectly capable of bringing the sound of the TV to the next level. In addition, we do place you that you can not place the Panasonic SC-HTB254 in every room and that it is best used in smaller environments. The sound generally sounds, regardless of the room, fortunately clear, understandable and fine – except for a few situations.

That’s okay, since Panasonic has chosen to supply a subwoofer. As a result, the bass is much better and you notice that when you’re in the right place. It is a pity that we can not use the USB port for our own music sources, that there are no network possibilities (but then you will undoubtedly go to another price range, but it is still worth mentioning) and that the remote control is a bit small is. But in the field of sound the soundbar scores well.


  • Remote control is too small
  • Usb port can only be used for updates
  • Sounds compact …


  • … but generally sounds clear
  • Supplied subwoofer
  • Two connection options

Comparison of three cheap soundbars – 2. Sony HT-SF150 – conclusion

Sony does a lot of things well with the Sony HT-SF150. It is an inexpensive sound bar that is mainly about ease of use. The simple plug-and-play principle comes out well. Unfortunately Sony supplies an optical, instead of an hdmi cable in the box, but with a small investment you have a good hdmi cable. The soundbar is connected and set up so that you can get started with the device very quickly. The included remote control is also comfortable.

However, for the amount of 129 to 150 euros you do not have to expect a lot from the sound. We are not impressed by the different modes and sometimes sounds cacophonous when it gets too crowded. That said it is true that the sound most likely (unless you have a built-in soundbar) sounds better than through the built-in speakers of your television.

It is also just what kind of situation you will use this soundbar. Because the soundbar is fortunately able to send the sound wide into the room, it can sound a bit better when you use the Sony HT-SF150 in a smaller room. Moreover, it can be a nice addition to your viewing experience when you watch TV programs a lot, because the audio reproduction is generally quite clear and tight. But the device does not come close to a cinema experience – whatever you may not expect.


  • Sound sometimes sounds cacophony
  • None extra hdmi-in
  • No good bass reproduction


  • Included remote
  • Sound sounds better than standard TV speakers
  • Plug-and-play

Comparison of three cheap soundbars – 3. Samsung HW-N400 – conclusion

In general we are positive about the Samsung HW-N400, especially when we look at the price. We are sometimes a bit strict when it comes to the sound experience, but at the end of the day the quality of the sound is the deciding factor when it comes to soundbars (and speakers in general). For 249 euros you will not easily find a soundbar that displays high and mid tones as clear, accurate and dynamic as the N400. The fact that the subwoofer is built in immediately means that the bass sounds less good, but that has its caveats.

If you do not set the sound too loud and the settings are not too full, then you have to watch to movies and series or during gaming a great companion to the TV mate . We also use such a soundbar every day for listening to music, but this is less suitable. Perhaps the layer reproduction could have been better if a separate subwoofer were included, but the price would probably have gone up too. It is therefore just what you are looking for a soundbar: television or music experience.

Besides a nice sound reproduction of middle and high tones, Samsung also delivers a fairly complete package when it comes to possibilities. By adding an HDMI-in you do not miss an HDMI connection on your television and through the USB port you can also play music directly through the device. It is also nice that there is bluetooth present and that you can operate the device with your own remote control. It is a device for convenience and that radiates from all sides – and that is more than fine.

Do not expect that you can connect your 4k devices here, since there is no 4k transmission. This is also not a requirement for this amount, but that is something to take into account the growing number of 4k devices. There is also no support for high dynamic range. But, again, we do not find that a big disadvantage because of the low amount. What had not been out of place was something like Google Cast, because that could have made the experience a bit better. Despite the small size, great sound comes from the N400.


  • Low tones sound dull
  • No networking possibilities


  • Mid and high tones sound bright
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Sufficient connections


When it comes to sound quality, you can not be strict enough in our opinion. In addition to a pleasant image, a pleasant sound is also extremely important. Not everyone wants to pay the main prize for that and we can understand that – and that is why we can also recommend the Samsung HW-N400 as the best low-cost soundbar. For 249 euros you will not find a soundbar that reproduces high and mid tones as clear, accurate and dynamic as the N400.

For movies, series and games the soundbar works great, but for listening to music a little less. Furthermore, it is striking that Samsung delivers a complete package, with an extra hdmi connection so you do not have to miss it on your television. The Panasonic SC-HTB254 and Sony Sony HT-SF150 do not do the NW400. That said the bass sounds better on the Panasonic, but that is also delivered with a separate subwoofer to be placed out of sight.