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Doorbird launches a configurator that allows you to design your own intercom

Doorbird launches a configurator that allows to design your own intercom, no matter you are architects, installers or an ordinary person.
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The Doorbird launches a configurator that enables architects and installers to design their own designed IP intercom. But ordinary people can of course also do that. You can design your own video doorbell system on the website and then purchase it immediately. The video door stations, as the manufacturer calls them, are made of stainless steel and can have dimensions that deviate from the standard (the standard that the manufacturer normally offers). Various buttons can also be added and you can choose modules yourself.

Doorbird launches a configurator

In terms of modules, you can think of, for example, a keypad, with which you can open the door by means of a code, or a house number plate. In addition, a selection of more than fifty RAL colors is available, with which you can give the coating its own color. When you enter the installation process, you will see a 3D image during each step, so you know exactly what the result of recently implemented changes is. You also get constant updates about the price and delivery time, because not every part is the same at the moment.

The DoorBird configurator also has augmented reality, so you can see exactly where it fits and how you can hang it up. The designed device can then be saved, including a technical drawing, so that you can adjust the configuration at a later time. When the IP doorbell has been fully designed, the planning tool can help you make an order. All intercom systems are produced by Bird Home Automation, based in Berlin.

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