Dolby Vision firmware update appears for the Sony UPB-X700

Sony UBP-X700
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It took a while, but the Dolby Vision firmware update for the Sony UBP-X700 Ultra HD Blu-ray player has finally arrived. After the update, the player can also view Dolby Vision content from Blu-ray discs and Netflix on a compatible TV.

Dolby Vision firmware update for the Sony UPB-X700

Earlier this year, Sony already rolled out Dolby Vision updates for various 2016 and 2017 televisions, and recently the latest 2018 models feature Dolby’s HDR standard. This week is the turn of the UBP-X700 Ultra HD Blu-ray players.

The latest Dolby Vision firmware makes the player fully compatible with the brand’s own televisions. For other players, including those from Oppo, they still need to receive a firmware update to display Dolby Vision content on Sony televisions. Sony, as one of the few manufacturers, demands that the player takes care of part of the HDR processing. This is only supported by the latest Dolby Vision firmware.

However, Dolby Vision must be enabled manually on the UBP-X700. In the video settings you will find the option for this. If you then want to enjoy HDR10 material, this option must be switched off again. The firmware can be downloaded directly via WiFi or via the website from Sony (USB).